McKean Snow Riders

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Don Mosier

Vice President
John Pilliteri

Carol Mosier

Jan Miller

Trail Boss

Phil Wilkosz

 The McKean SnowRiders represents Erie County in Northwestern Pennsylvania. While their 200-member club might not have the largest membership in the country, their county certainly doesn’t have a shortage of snowmobiles. Erie County has over 2,000 sleds registered—more than any other PA county! With all that traffic, their trail system definitely acts as a hub of riding and links 162 miles of the Erie Crawford Snowmobile Alliance trails. Obviously the club sees a lot of riders passing through, and a lot of them are from out of state or non-local. In order to make sure every rider understands the importance of staying on the trail—nearly all of it is on private landowner property, after all—the SnowRiders plan on purchasing all the required signs, posts and literature to step up the safety level of their system.


Bruce McChesney

Phil Wilkosz

Don Weaver

Dan Hess

Ron Krautter